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Our Vision to the Future

hopes that all graduates of UEF School would have learned core religious values and the UEF School would have helped build a solid and dynamic Muslim identity in all students.

~Shazia Ghazali

Upcoming Events
  • Spring 2015 School Registration will be on Sunday Dec 7th, 14th 2014, and Jan 11th 2015. Please see the attached flyer for more details.
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About Us

The Universal Education Foundation (UEF) strives to better the community by enriching the minds of our children. We feel that a well balanced education includes Quran, the teachings of our prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and the guidance to apply them to our everyday lives... Read More Details

Mission Statement

UEF encourages acquisition of Islamic knowledge and values, development of understanding and tolerance towards people of all faiths and promotion of harmony and peace in our community.
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